The Department of Physics at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy was established in 1958. Prof. Lubomir Christov had been the first Department's Chair, succeeded later on by Prof. Zaiatchki, Prof. Vodenicharov and Prof. Kanasirski.

The Department staff consists of 6 assoc. professors, 5 assist. professors ( 8 PhD ), 1 engineer, and 1 physicist, which teach lectures, seminars and laboratory exercises on General Physics, Solid State Physics (in Bulgarian and English), Semiconductor Physics, and General Physics amd Materials Science (in French and German). For student education 4 laboratories have been established and many textbooks have been published by the staff of the Department.

Research has been carried out on the following areas :

Solid State Physics

Materials Physics

High Energy Physics

High Power Microwave Sources

Physics Education

Post graduate students work in 2 laboratories - for Thin Films Physics and Technology and Electron Microscopy .

Fruitful scientific collaboration with the Joint Institutes for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia, has been maintained since 1962, as well as with many others:

    University of Bonn, Germany;
    Technological University of Aachen, Germany;
    Institute for Nuclear Physics, Juelich, Germany;
    Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat-Jena, Germany;
    University of Martin-Luther "Halle-Wittenberg", Germany;
    University of the Federal Armed Forced Munich, Germany;
    Jefferson Laboratory, Virginia, USA;
    University of Minho, Portugal;
    University of Gent, Belgium;
    University of Montpellier II, France;
    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece;
    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Suisse;
    University of Odense, Denmark.

Former members



    Prof. Christov, Lubomir Georgiev, Dr.Sci. (1918 - 1995)
    Prof. Zayatchki,Velko Jordanov, Dr.Sci.
    Prof. Kanasirski, Christo Manolov, Dr.Sci.
    Prof. Vodenicharov,Christo Michailov, Dr.Sci.
    Prof. Devenski, Petko Alexandrov, Dr.Sci.
    Prof. Zlatanov, Zlati Mintchev, Dr.Sci. (1934 - 2001)
    Assoc.Prof. Damianov, Stanko Stoianov, Dr.Sci. (1934 - 2003)
    Assoc.Prof. Georgieva, Iriana Ivanova, PhD (1933 - 1996)
    Assoc.Prof. Mintcheva, Lilia Dobreva, PhD
    Assoc.Prof. Bechev, Hristo Dimitrov, PhD
    Assoc.Prof. Gattef, Emil Mihailov, PhD (1943 - 2004)
    Assist.Prof. Marinova, Elena Stefanova
    Assist.Prof. Nikolov, Serafim Mihailov
    Assist.Prof. Stanchev, Alexandar Alexandrov (1948 - 1998)
    Assist.Prof. Stoilova, Tatiana Todorova
    Assist. Prof. Tonova, Nikoleta Stoyanova (1967 - 2008)
    Assist.Prof. Traikova, Margarita Dimitrova
    Assist.Prof. Yovchev, Ciril Yordanov, PhD
University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, 2008