Master's degree

Dear prospective students,

You can also apply for master's programs at UCTM at

Necessary documents:

  • Scanned copy of higher education diploma;
  • A scanned copy of the signed application form, which you can download here.
The candidate student fee is BGN 35.00, which you must transfer to the following bank account:
IBAN: BG25 BNBG 9661 3100 1032 01
Bank: BNB - Central Office Sofia

In the basis for payment enter the PIN and the three names of the candidate-student.
Please provide a telephone number for feedback.
Automation and information technology  Read more
Bioenergy technologies and bioproducts  (Free of charge)
Biomedical engineering 
Hydrogen technologies  (Free of charge)
Ecology and environmental protection 
Elastic crosslinked polymers (Free of charge)
Electrochemistry and corrosion protection (Free of charge)
Energy and environmental efficiency in metallurgy 
Industrial safety (Free of charge)
Industrial logistics 
Industrial Management
Engineering Materials Science (in English) 
Read more
Information Technology
Conservation and restoration of paper and books (Free of charge)
CAD/CAE in chemical technology (Free of charge)
Medical textiles (Free of charge)
Materials and technologies for opto- and microelectronics (Free of charge)
Metal materials (Free of charge)
Read more
Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals
Read more
Metal casting
Metallurgy of non-ferrous and precious metals
Metallurgy of ferrous metals
Metrology, accreditation and certification (Free of charge)
Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials (Free of charge)
Inorganic substances (Free of charge)
Metal processing by plastic deformation
Read more
Environmental protection and sustainable development
Polygraphy (Free of charge)
Polymer engineering (Free of charge)
Applied analytics (Free of charge)
Natural and synthetic fuels (Free of charge)
Polymer recycling (Free of charge)
Recycling of metallic materials (Free of charge)
Silicate materials (Free of charge)
Renewable energy systems (in Bulgarian and English) (Free of charge)
Systems and devices for environmental protection in metallurgy
Business Administration
Glass, ceramics and binders  (Free of charge)
Technology of high energy materials  (Free of charge)
Textiles and leather and articles thereof  (Free of charge)
Quality control
Fine organic synthesis (Free of charge)
Chemical and biochemical engineering (in French) след средно образование (Free of charge)
Chemical engineering (Free of charge)
Chemical Engineering (in German) (Free of charge)
Chemical technologies in nuclear energy (Free of charge)
Pulp, paper and packaging (Free of charge)